Billie & Brittle

One night you might see her dressed to the nines with formal gloves and a gardenia in her hair, belting out Billie Holiday classics. Another night you might see her on the stage at Penumbra or Mixed Blood theaters. Still another night, you might see her in the kitchen at Calvary Church, wearing an apron and stirring a few pans of fluffy, buttery deliciousness.

Thomasina Petrus is a woman of many talents. Singer, actress, creator of Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle candy, wife of Charles and mother of Charles Jr., 10, and Kobe, 8, to say she stays busy is an understatement. But of her business enterprises, her true love is singing. “If I could just sing, that’s all I’d do,” said the statuesque woman with the halo of curly, black hair. “As Billie Holiday said, ‘Singing is living.'”

“There’s something about connecting with people through the notes. I feel like I’m dancing inside my body when I’m singing.”
– Thomasina Petrus

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