Thomasina is excited to be a part of the twin cities new jazz scene, and has quickly become one of the premier vocalists on stages both local and abroad, known for her unique vocality and symbiotic relationship with fellow musicians. she has been on local singing and acting stages for the past 15 years, cultivating her talents through mentorships and friendships of some of the twin cities most beloved artists.

Most recently having the opportunity to perform with/for Javetta Steele, Stokley, Walter Chancellor, Prince, and T. Mycheal Rambo’s much anticipated Tribute to balladeers at the Fitzgerald Theatre, July 31st. 2004

Thomasina performs regularly throughout the twin cities and is currently producing and starring in “Lady Day, Live at the Emerson Bar and Grill”, by Lanie Robertson, at the Old Arizona Theatre, Mpls, MN. Scheduled to run October 28th thru November 21st, 2004.

Overwhelming revues have generated interest in a scheduled run at the nationally renowned Penumbra Theatre in St Paul, MN.

Petrus portrayed some of the most famous black women in history as well as a few that are little-known. She added the feeling and hope that religion and spiritual songs gave to African slaves. She also portrayed the chilling emotion of singer Billie Holiday’s ballad telling of the strange crop of fruit dangling from southern poplar trees.


Hold on to your jaw because Thomasina is the closest thing to Billie Holiday since Billie herself. If Billie could have made just one more record, if she had been able to give us a little more of her unique, legendary style, this could very well be the album. With all the elegance, the class, the charm and that distinctive delivery, “If Only” carries the torch, pays respect and offers tribute to one of the greatest vocalists in all jazz history.
CD Baby
I can¹t say when I have enjoyed a performance more than I did this evening at the Rochester Civic Theater.  You are absolutely wonderful.  I wish you only the best in the endeavors of your profession. I believe if there could have been other performances, we could have filled the house again and again.  What a talent!
Joyce G
I just got through reading the biography of Lady Day and also finding your LP on the internet, Thomasina. I just love the version of Strange Fruit. I am writing from Spain.  A strong hello, kisses. Some life, that of Lady Day.
Aitor Guenaga
HI Thomasina, I love your CD and I love Billie too. This makes me think of so many songs I’d like to hear her do! Off the top of my head ³Take 5² was my favorite on your CD. 


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